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“Night” – a mere psycho-temporal construct made by our brain, aided by negative forces called ‘anti-lightons’ which absorb all the light they encounter within half a period of the Sun.

Hence, in this age of NeoSolarism, we measure the day in hours of ‘darkness’. So, on an average day, you will live 26 hrs of darkness.

Yes, 2 hours of darkness have been traded by us in the supra-temporal intergalactic hypermarket. Hence, you needn’t worry, my Son. Live long.


Random motions in this Special Universe, long for SpUniverse, are so perfectly coordinated that they seem to resemble the entire life-cycle motions of a hypothetical species called humans.

This strange phenomenon has troubled scientists in our time as well as those visiting us through future-to-past wormholes. The simple, genuine and most elegant insolvability of this problem presents the human species with a unique difficulty – it can live in only one hyperverse throughout their lifetime.

Hence, there is no way a human can even begin to understand the multi-hyperverse that really makes up the Universe.

Keep learning, my Son.


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Purple vs The Good

Part 1th

Looking at a different picture. Interference, lovely song.

Dark, blackie-violet world, this story is set in a strange land. Mountains move and the world is mega-zoomed in & replicated.

Jupiter and beyond the infinite. Best-selling album all over.

Sunrise from Jupiter. Infinite-1. ‘Dhan dhan dhan’ go the beats.

Roaring white reflects from the distant stars. Flames burst into the point of view. Large galazies continue to be created and destroyed.

The ‘Purples’, as they’re known, are the most blazing galaxies of the Univers, radiating the most light. However, 5.2 Pegallion years ago, there existed a warm world, a world where the Sun was yellow. The yellow light that burst on the entire OlUnivers was complete and caring. The OlUnivers, raised on this diet of warm Sun, but then, what happens to almost every other tale happened to this one too.

The bright, optimistic years gave way to darker, evil times. The ‘Purples’ had captured the Univers. The ‘Purples’ absorbed all the light in the world and radiated it at ultra-high intensities. So much so that the Univers became, for the most part, a lightless zone – leaving a few intensely bright ‘Purples’ which were named so owing to the color they glowed.

The ‘Purples’ reign ended eventually, yes it had to happen. It was destined, you could say; but then destiny had no role to play in the Univers, as you shall soon find out.

The times changed. The bad was defeated by the Good.

‘The Good’ was the name of the Univers which had the special, amber Sun. It launched an all-out attack on the currently ‘Purple’ Univers in the hope of regaining control. In an explosive, inter-stellar war, ‘The Good’ banished the ‘Purples’ to absolute darkness.

The ‘Purples’ vanished into their tubular Univers and owing to their lack of energy, began to collapse into itselves. The energy levels dropped to a minimum and the ‘Purples’ had formally ceased to exist outside their micro-pico second thick tubular boundary.

As this process of infinite internal collapse continued, a most unusual event occurred. The ‘Purples’ mass, now forced into a microcosm of itself, gained criticality and exploded on the world.

To call it an explosion would be an understatement. The ‘Purples’ had finally arrived on the MegaUnivers scene. Their new found power had driven ‘The Good’ to momentarily take refuge in a secluded corner of the MegaUnivers.

Part 2th

When observed over a few giga-trilliano munites (musical-minutes, the smallest unit of time in the MegaUnivers), one realizes that this change, this cycle between the ‘Purples’ and ‘The Good’ was inevitable.

Not only was it based entirely on a collective dance of radiation called music, it was essentially periodic and cyclical in nature.

“The MegaUnivers Government had continued to overlook this serious conflict between the ‘Purples’ and ‘The Good’. Continued negligence on their part resulted in the conflict escalating to a thousand-Univers level. Such a large magnitude event could not not have created a significant impact on the MegaUnivers.

After all, there was only one order of difference in magnitude between the two.

A higher authority had to be called upon to assimilate this anomalous, erratic disturbance and restore the MegaUnivers to normality. It was simply the way humans appeal to a higher order (God, some call it) to fix their problems.

GigaUnivers was alerted and came to the rescue. The crisis was resolved for almost short of perpetuity. Till such time, the reign of ‘The Good’ would prevail. The ‘munites’ enabled this transition in a most gradual, synchronized fashion.

Part 3th

Gradual Transformation had been initiated with a music Voyage level of 34. It was no easy affair – every instant had to be transformed quasi-statically to another state.

The greatest rock band of the MegaUnivers has volunteered to orchestrate this transition, the basis of what is now known as tale of the ‘Purples’ vs ‘The Good’.

The End
Or is it?

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