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Information Overload

Lays and I were (are?) having one of those brain-shattering weekend-chats where we are madly (re)searching on random topics like energy consultancy to head-hunting to economics to Egon Zehnder to Harvard.

And then, in a flash – we typed the exact same sentence – word to word. ditto. Prompted me to comment –

“abe, we shall soon turn into each other and won’t even know it”


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The chat I had with a friend of mine went something like this:
Me ( U ) : mama, something I’ve been dreaming about for the whole day..

Czar (C): hmmm ..

don buy the hummer though
U: 😛
C: just buy the bike
U: will run it on hydrogen😛
and go around the world
C: ha ha ha

then ll join you in the bike 🙂
U: enjai

C: sure..
U: 😀
C: gnite..

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the weekend that was..

Fri eve: chopsticks attack the chop suey
@Wangs Kitchen- Hugga/Droopy/Impo/Uss

Fri eve: The Fashion parade
@Dollars & Pounds – Droopy’Impo’Hugga

Fri eve: How could Uss be left out?

Sat Afti: @ Mayajaal – Impo fidgets with his ‘shades’.. lol!

Sat afti: @Mayajaal – go karting? yess! uss,shanmuk,impo, drupus,hugga..

Sat afti: @Mayajaal- Hugga waves to the camera; Uss goes full throttle..

Sat afti:@Mayajaal- Droopy’s happy to be back in the pit. ‘Helmets off to you!

Sat eve: @The wild ride back- Hugga and Shanmukh can’t help being themselves.. 😛
Photus courtesy: Hugga’s all-purpose camera.
‘Weekend blast’ – the concept- inspired by The Czar

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Tell him from one who knows:

This poem appears in Arthur Hailey’s Overload..

A sputtering candlewick
Though burning dimly
is brighter by far
than cimmerian blackness
For life, on whatever terms-outranks oblivion.
Yes! – the ‘if onlys ‘ do persist forever
As hovering,wraithlike,used-up wishes
their afterburners spent:
‘If only’ this or that
on such and such a day
Had varied by an hour or an inch;
or something neglected had been done
something done had been neglected!
Then ‘perhaps’ the other might have been,
And other others…to infinity
For ‘perhaps’ and ‘if only’ are first cousins
addicted to survival in our minds.
Accept Them
And All Else.

-KAren Sloan

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evening jog..

Had gone jogging with Sumedh..tired and gasping for breath at the end,we lay down on the grass and stared at the sky..
It was vast,yet something in it was immensely close and personal..as if it had cocooned this tiny being with it’s soft,fluffy hands..
The wind streamed across my face in gentle waves,as if stroking my hair and singing a silent tune to soothen the soul within..
I Smiled to God..wanting to thank him..
He parted the fluffy hands that covered His face,and winked at me with a million starry eyes.

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