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03:45 am. restlessness. the flow of energy within, infinite. rest in anticipation. eyes open. cool water. knock knock. loosen, stretch. brace. down the stairs, into the open. look up, the promising sky bathed in adolescent light. feel the reins in your veins. the tree.

the first step. the counting, the rhythm – instinctive. sand crushing under feet, giving way. the rhythm. control and beauty, as  result thereof. an inexhaustible will. the road might as well not end. conscious slowdown. who said the control was yours? remnants of motion. stillness, almost.

the sky, opened up. buildings, in the full grandeur of their intended design. man and nature. a bird that walks on water. a chance encounter. force, often unnecessary. strength, the only necessity and prerequisite. return. calm. good morning.


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