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dt: 5th April, 2009

I had a nightmare tonight. What surprised me was the hybrid mix of real and imaginary characters, physical settings and concepts that inter-played to create the entire experience.

It was scary as hell – drawn largely from the ‘Saw’ movie, I guess – however, with strong influences of ‘hostel life’ as the physical setting – in fact – even locations familiar to me through another dream – for ex: the imaginary ‘rest house’ adjacent to my room which I am pretty confident has appeared in an earlier dream too.

It all started with me waking up in a strange, deserted place with fires burning in the stoves all around. I remember some strange scene involving a leaking sink that was caused because I suggested using ‘broomsticks’ to support columns of clay beneath the sink! ***k. Next scene, I was being carried to a hack-saw- man on the top of a bus.

Several moments later came the defining scene of the whole nightmare – which lasted for god only knows how long.

I was with this character who looked remarkably like the ‘masked’ villain in ‘Saw’ but had an uncanny humanness about him. It all seemed normal till we went fishing in a river, and suddenly, the fellow disappeared. I turned around and searched the stream, only to stumble across a dead fish floating in the water – and suddenly, out of nowhere, this fellow’s severed head was bobbing up and down in the flowing stream – as if alive; mocking at my futile attempts to figure out what was going on.

This is where the catch lies – the whole point for me noting down this experience. In the dream, I was terrified and literally ‘felt’ an entire artery in my chest bursting and squirting out blood. It was precisely then that I ‘actually’ had an acute chest pain and woke up panting to realise all was well and I was still in my room.

Now, the question – can incidents like these actually cause a heart-attack? I am scared.


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Yet another of those crazy conversations with Lays:


My head is like wonton soup. 
Too many ugly things floating in it”



“Ha ha ha! Tripp! Should bookmark it :P”

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This presentation is courtesy http://www.slideshare.net – suggested by my friend and mentor – Lays.

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nuclear idea :P

Was just reading this post on disposing off nuclear wastes, the innumerable ways in which scientists are trying to safeguard nuclear waste from accidental exposure to future generations and their unsuccessful efforts.
And then it struck me.

Why not dump it in a Volcano?

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now, isnt this a revelation!

Hello, Warrior.

Character Stats:
Rogue (4)
Warrior (18)
Wizard (12)
Paladin (18)

Your Profile:
You’re tough, courageous, and up to your eyebrows in chutzpah. If you’re still in school, your teachers probably talk a lot about your “potential.” If you work, your boss calls you a “pro-active self-starter,” whatever that means. You don’t shy away from hard work, that’s for sure. When it comes to leisure, you’d rather be out hiking or biking or snowboarding than sitting around watching TV or reading a book. You care about your health, and have strong opinions.
Above all, you’re a man/woman of action and a born leader. You see obstacles as challenges and hardship as an opportunity to build your character (and your muscles). You’re not afraid of conflict – in fact, you’re not afraid of much of anything. You tend to dive into things headfirst and sort out the consequences later.

Your Mission:
You were put on this earth to lead others. They will follow you, because they are bowled over by your forceful personality, your charisma, and your willingness to do what they’re afraid to do. You are the one who has to make things happen, because everyone else is too afraid of rocking the boat.
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to Start Something. Something small, or something big. Start a club at your school. Propose a new project to your boss. Invent a new family tradition. Start a small business. Start SOMETHING.
And don’t dally about it. We WILL be checking up on you.

A Warning:
Try to remember: it’s not all about you. Yes, people tend to do what you say, but don’t abuse that power. Don’t be a bully, even if you feel like the weaklings really deserve it. Have a Paladin teach you how to “make nice” when necessary. You have the potential to become a great leader, but only if you curb your tendency to be thoughtless, egocentric, and well, sometimes just plain rude.
And by the way, just because you don’t understand something, that doesn’t mean it’s “stupid.” Get a Wizard to figure things out for you instead of just giving up when your attention span runs out.

*For those who have always wanted to be a Warrior,a Wizard,a Hobgoblin or anything else for that matter, check this out. Get to know yourself! Nice time pass, thanks DJ!
*This just goes to show how jobless i am. Well,a better indicator of this would be a recent thought of starting our own (Lays and Uss,partners in vellagiri ) website: http://www.eefyouaretotallyjoblessthengovisitjoblessmaxx.com

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the fountain

It was a
fine afternoon.
I stood on the edge
of the steps,watching the
wind sweep away the tiny drops
of water emerging from the fountain that lay ahead.
The wind turned every drop in its stride into a million more.
Meanwhile, as if rewarding her, the Sun chose to turn these
drops into gems; gems which took on every color there is in
the spectrum.
It made me wonder. Are we too like those droplets?
Is Time the wind that scatters us? If it is, Who is the sun?
Why is it that every droplet has a different colour?
Do the droplets know where they are heading; the purpose
of their existence?
Or is the world a mere miracle for just another bystander
on the edge of the steps? I turned and walked back.
Was the show still going on?
Would i ever Know?

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I’ve been humming this for the past two days..thought of writing it down..

dar yeh lagta hai
kya yeh sapna hai
ab jo apna hai
kal woh kahan hai
darta dil pooche baar baar..
darta dil pooche baar baar..

intezaar, aitbaar, tumse pyaar kitna karoon..
intezaar, aitbaar, tumse pyaar kitna karoon..

paas aate the, laut jaate the
lamhon ke lamhe, zhatpatate the
phir bhi kiya hai intezaar..
phir bhi kiya hai intezaar..

intezaar, aitbaar, tumse pyaar itna karoon..

kya pyaar hai, kya hai nahin
maine nahin poocha na
ho tum mere, ya ho nahi,
maine nahin poocha naa..
poocha nahin baar baar..

intezaar, aitbaar, tumse pyaar, itna karoon..

choti raatein hain, kitni baatein hain,
ab jo aaye ho, ab batate hain
thaamo hamein ek baar.. thaamo hamein ek baar..

intezaar, aitbaar, tumse pyaar itna karoon..
intezaar, aitbaar, tumse pyaar itna karoon..

ps: frm ‘Khosla ka Ghosla’…

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